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Join your friends in battle on the Western Frontier!

Build and run your own Wild West outpost alongside the town Sheriff and recruit trusty sidekicks to protect it. Summon your friends, form a posse and take down cattle thieves in weekly events.

Collect a band of Western heroes!

Don’t let Orville Driller get their filthy hands on all that black gold flowing beneath your lands or the cattle thieves take your cows and horses.


Jeb’s an all-round good egg, the type of fella that gives everything he’s got for a good cause. He’s equal parts brave and foolish, but with good folk around him, he’s gonna be a hero in these parts, and well… maybe even the whole darn country!

“I’m the fastest draw in the West. Heck, in the North, South, and East, too, for that matter!”


As the town’s blacksmith, Tinman has created a suit of armor from a cast iron stove. He’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, but Tinman has the loyalty of a dog and an appetite for destruction. He’s the kind of looney you want on your side!

“Bring it on! Those bullets ain’t nothin’ but mosquito bites to me!”


A crazed old prospector with an unhealthy love for T.N.T. With wild staring eyes and an insane personality, most folks believe he’s a living example of the effects of Gold Fever. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as things go “boom!”

“There’s gold in them there hills… I can smell it!”

Gatling Rick

A young and excitable fella with a real big love for real big guns. As the name suggests, his weapon of choice is the Gatling Gun. He’s an overly hyperactive army soldier, always ready to do his duty, especially if that duty involves shooting!

“Rata-tata-tata-ta! Full auto, boys!“


Natalya is a warrior of few words and even fewer bullets, she hits her targets first time, every time. She came to the Wild West via Russia and now works as a hired gun. She’s cold to most folk, but quickly warms up after a few rounds in the saloon.

“They won’t know what hit them, comrade. They never do.”

Reckless Wolf

An honorable warrior whose name is given due to multiple acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. Reckless Wolf is a loyal ally and dangerous enemy. Quiet and nature loving when not in battle, and a fierce and deadly warrior during times of war.

“Wakan Takan kici un.”


An old and wise elder who possesses magical healing abilities. The Shaman remains mysterious to those who meet him and a legend to the ones who don’t. Not much is known about the Shaman except that he has occupied these lands his entire life.

“Blugo ahble, wana mishtime wachin.”

Once upon a time

Compass Point: West backstory in a comic. Find out how it all started!

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